Performance Golf Analysis

The golf swing is a complex, coordinated sequence of motions that incorporates three planes of movement, demands incredible acceleration and deceleration, delivers tremendous torque to the body’s joints, and requires simultaneous gross and fine motor control. It’s no wonder that a breakdown of this sequence at any point during the golf swing can lead to untapped power and accuracy and much worse, lead to acute and chronic injury. The good news is that you can improve your swing and reduce your risk of injury with simple, logical and repeatable changes that mitigate unnecessary stress and tap into your hidden resources of strength and mobility. Let us help you refine your efficient swing to ensure that you are performing at your peak and developing the skills necessary to avoid injury and to keep you on the course for years to come.

Regardless of your skill level, age or goal in playing the game, understanding your body and your swing can help you become the best golfer you can be.

Our Golf Performance Analysis is based upon the golf specific physical screen developed by the Titleist Performance Institute. What makes our program unique is our Certified Level I and Medical Level II TPI instructor is also a licensed PT, avid golfer and golf instructor. This uniquely combined skill set offers unparalleled insight into the physical limitations affecting the golf swing. The PT’s experience and knowledge combined with the research and resources of the TPI program, will provide a comprehensive, golf-specific physical examination and a customized golf strength and flexibility program specific to the individual golfer’s needs.

What does the Performance Golf Assessment Entail?

  • In depth review of medical and golf history
  • 17-point Titleist Performance Institute Physical Assessment focused on the Body-Swing Connection to assess all physical factors affecting the golf swing
  • V1 Golf Video Analysis to measure and analyze your swing mechanics to assist in identifying problem areas in any part of your swing sequence.
  • Detailed review of the findings with skill development in self-diagnosis and treatment during real time play.
  • Customized print out of your evaluation results complementing hands-on feedback to facilitate immediate changes.
  • Golf specific strengthening, flexibility, posture and stability training program created specifically for you to address any impairments that maybe impacting your swing and access to an online database of exercises with video and written descriptions.

Who would benefit from a Performance Golf Analysis?
This program is designed for golfers of all ages and abilities, whether competitive or recreational, who are interested in discovering their optimal mechanics to improve golf performance and prevent injury. This is not a physical therapy evaluation and should you require treatment for an injury, physical therapy services maybe recommended in the course of your evaluation.

Cost of service: $520                                                         
Includes an initial 1 ½ hour assessment with 2 follow up sessions: content based on client needs

Additional Options: Assessment Only (1 ½ -hour): $280

Additional Follow-up Sessions (one hour): $140

Performance Golf Analysis Specialist:

Samanatha McDonald, DPT, TPI

Performance Golf Analysis Intake and Waiver


Contact Real Rehab for more information and to let us help you to “Unlock Your Potential and Reach Your Peak.”

***Of special note, if you would prefer or require an on-course assessment or coaching, this can be arranged with Sam at a specified rate. However, it is a separate service and not organized or billed through Real Rehab.



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