Metabolic Testing in Seattle, WA

Eliminate the Guesswork and optimize your performance!

  • Better understand the relationship between your body and performance;
  • Use scientific data based on your test results to improve your personal fitness and health as well as your athletic performance;
  • Learn the correct intensities for training that will allow for physiological adaptations in order to meet your goals;
  • Metabolic assessments eliminate the guesswork that defeat most diet, exercise and training programs;
  • Tests performed using the Parvo Medics TrueOne-2400 metabolic testing;
  • Excerise Metabolic Assessments are currently offered on a treadmill (running, walking, hiking), on your bicycle (on our CompuTrainer) or on a rowing ergometer;
  • Specific testing protocols to suit your specific needs and training goals
  • We offer Metabolic Efficiency, Power/VO2/AT, Race Prep/Fueling and Resting Tests.

Types of Tests We Offer

Metabolic Efficiency Assessments:

  • Learn your individual physiological and nutrition status;
  • Learn what your proper exercise intensities and nutrition strategies to improve/progress your metabolic efficiency at different levels of intensity;
  • Figure out your exercise recovery intervals in order to maximize fat adaptation;
  • Customized hourly energy intake during exercise;
  • How to greatly reduce the risk of GI distress;
  • Proper exercise intensity to ensure recovery and progression post-injury;
  • Appointment Time: 2 Hours; Exercise time: 30-60 mins.

For more info on the Metabolic Efficiency concept, click here.

VO2/AT Assessments:

  • Your body’s physiological response to and requirements for exercise under stress;
  • Aerobic and Anaerobic VO2 thresholds;
  • Custom training zones based on thresholds, using heart rate, power/pace;
  • Aerobic Profile: How aerobically efficient an athlete is at different levels of exercise intensity;
  • Tip for training to help you improve your performance;
  • Appointment Time: up to 2 hours; Exercise Time: 20-35 mins.

Race Prep/Fueling Plan:

  • Learn about your nutritional needs on race day!
  • Constant exercise intensity based on predicted race pace and terrain;
  • Used to develop race specific nutritional strategies;
  • Best when performed within two weeks to goal race;
  • Appointment time: 2 hours. Total exercise time from 60-90 minutes.

Resting Metabolic Assessments:

  • Learn to effectively manage ‘calories in’ vs ‘calories out ‘and ‘balance the energy equation’;
  • Learn how many calories you can consume without gaining weight;
  • Your personal metabolic requirements;
  • How many calories from exercise should be included in a balanced weight loss program;
  • How many calories are burned from Fat vs. Carbohydrate;
  • Affordable!
  • Ideal for weight management;
  • Involves no exercise
  • Appointment Time: 60 mins; 20-30 mins to complete the test;

Exercise Smarter…Not Harder!

When is a good time to test?

  • For weight loss: ANYTIME is a good time with follow up tests every 8-12 weeks.
  • For Endurance Sport Training: At the beginning of your base building phase of training and then every 8-10 weeks. The tests may change from MET to VO2 to Race Day depending on your progress as the season progresses and your goals.
  • For Power/Team Sport Training: as for the Endurance Sport Training with more emphasis on VO2 testing vs MET or Race Day testing.
  • For return to sport post-injury: When you get the greenlight to return to your sport of choice and are rarin’ to go and then every 8-10 weeks to ensure proper progression. Best to know your zones for optimal progression vs guessing and regressing.

Downloads and information to begin the testing process:

Active Metabolic Testing Instructions and Forms

Resting Metabolic Testing Instructions and Forms Informed Consent for an RMR Assessment


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