AlterG Treadmill

AlterG Treadmill: Big deal, so what?

  • Powerful rehabilitation tool for optimal recovery
  • Provides a safe environment for gait and balance retraining
  • Helps speed your recovery from surgery or injury
  • Enables recreational and competitive athletes to train more effectively
  • Invaluable training tool for speed and cadence work
  • The AlterG Treadmill is a powerful rehabilitation and training tool. Period.
  • The Treadmill works by reducing the impact of gravity on the lower extremities, so patients can regain natural gait, conditioning, and range of motion as they undergo rehabilitation or increase athletic performance.
  • Visit the AlterG web site for additional information on using the AlterG for sports performance.

How it Works:

  • The AlterG air chamber inflates around your lower body and uses air pressure to support your body;
  • The treadmill touchscreen allows precise unweighting at 1% increments so you can walk or run at anywhere between 20 and 100% of your body weight—you select where movement becomes pain-free.
  • The AlterG uses air pressure for support—range of stride and your upper body are unrestricted, allowing for consistent, natural body movement.

Who Can Use It?

  • Our patients
  • Recreational and competitive athletes who are not patients at Real Rehab.

Use and Fee Policy:

  • All AlterG sessions must be scheduled in advance to ensure availability.
  • Active patients: (currently being seeing for therapy interventions) can use the AlterG without any additional charge:
    • for part of your visit;
    • and/or up to 30 minutes after your appointment;
    • one additional time per week, up to 30 minutes;
    • we cannot bill insurance for patient/client AlterG use unless it is a scheduled appointment with therapeutic supervision;
    • AlterG use must be included as part of a treatment plan based on an initial evaluation;
    • while the AlterG is a valuable rehab tool, other issues that contribute to injury must be assessed and treated in conjunction with the AlterG;
    • The AlterG Treadmill cannot serve as stand-alone treatment.

We cannot offer therapeutic guidelines to injured clients using the AlterG who have not been evaluated, and under the care of one of our therapy staff.

AlterG Time Rental:

Patients and/or non-patients are invited to rent time on the AlterG at the following rates;

  1. $10 per 30 minute block
  2. $90 for 300 minutes, (punch card with 10 blocks of 30 minutes)
  3. One month unlimited (schedule dependent) for $150
  4. Free the first time for 30 minutes, no coupon needed.

For non-patients there will be a $5 short rental fee per session. You may purchase your own AlterG shorts at this website:


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