Stacey McCandlish

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“My PT was awesome! I now have the tools necessary to lead a very active, injury free life!!”

Jonathan Gatherers

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“It really helped. I could see my knees getting stronger each week. I will suggest this place to everyone on my basketball team. Thanks!”


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“Spectacular. I’m been coming in for about a month and a half to thaw a frozen shoulder, and Alison has been fantastic — a smart problem-solver, upbeat, motivating, and patient. I am extremely pleased. Kudos to the front desk/business team, too, who solved a minor billing problem with good humor and a pleasant attitude. For what should be obvious reasons I hope it’s a very long time before I require Real Rehab’s services again, but I recommend them without hesitation.”

Debbie Feinman

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“My post-surgery recovery goals for cycling and running were exceeded by several weeks thanks to the treatment plan.”


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“You have an excellent staff, very knowledgable, very helpful. You helped me rehabilitate and get me “back on the road” again. I would highly recommend your facility.”

Paul McCollum

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“Great to have a physical therapy team understand the goals and desires of outdoor athletes!! Everyone at Real Rehab was great to work with!”

Danny M

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“Real Rehab is fantastic across many spectrums of physical therapy, metabolic testing, biomechanics testing, EMG collection, injury prevention and strengthening. “

Chuck Tompkins

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“Receiving care from capable, competitive athletes is very refreshing. Diagnosis, treatment and follow up were top notch. I’m inspired to improve and get back in the game!”


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“These folks know what they’re doing. I’m so grateful to have found them.”

Mark Wieczorek

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“I have encountered few that have matched their knowledge or expertise and even fewer that match their passion and desire to work with me and help me perform at my best. I can’t say how much I have and continue to appreciate their support.”


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