Amber M.

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“Hands down one of the best Physical Therapy clinics. Over the course of 25yrs, I have ended up in PT numerous times. I went to Real Rehab to treat Tennis Elbow, but Alison looks for the root cause instead of merely treating the symptoms.”

Christin O’Malley

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“Wonderful staff and very successful treatments.”

Marti Bartlett

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“You guys are terrific – thanks so much!”

Matt N.

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” I am happy to say at 20 weeks I started training 30 minutes a day either swimming, biking or running for an Olympic Triathlon I am going to participate in this summer. The knee is doing great and getting stronger every day!”

Jeff Byrd

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“Thank you for everything that you did to get me going again. I will tell everyone I know about the great work you do here.”

Linda Griffin

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“This was a great experience. I would highly recommend you. Thanks so much!”

Jude K.

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“This place is the best! Thank you for all your help!”

Tim P

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“Thank you so much for everything! Real Rehab is clearly superior and such a help.”

Judy Cooper

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“You’re the best. Thanks for the great attitude and best therapy I experienced.”

Stacey McCandlish

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“My PT was awesome! I now have the tools necessary to lead a very active, injury free life!!”


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