Shoulder Pain

Is shoulder pain affecting your ability to workout or even live your normal life?

Most of us don’t pay much attention to our shoulders until they stop working and become painful. We all know that we need to do core exercises to keep our bodies functioning properly but what have we done for good upkeep of our shoulders? This incredibly involved joint complex includes our neck, thoracic spine and ribs which combined allows for a significant amount of range of motion which allows us to tolerate a diverse range of activities. That complexity can make it extremely hard to figure out what is wrong on your own.


Why do I have shoulder pain?

The cause of shoulder pain can vary. Acute trauma, repetitive stresses and chronic postures all play a roll in shoulder pain. Pain can exist without notable damage in the joint due to improper biomechanics and strength imbalances. Injuries can include rotator cuff tears and labral tears, shoulder separations and shoulder dislocations, shoulder impingement pain and referred pain from the neck.


What can Real Rehab do to help my shoulder pain?

At Real Rehab, our physical therapists focus their evaluations on identifying the underlying cause of your injury or shoulder pain – is it indeed the shoulder (muscles, tendons and associated joints) or is it a rib issue, Thoracic Spine issue or Cervical Spine issue or a combination of the above? From there, an assessment and plan of care will be developed taking into consideration your goals. In the case of post-surgical treatment, we evaluate your needs based on the specific surgery performed, other factors affecting your shoulder and past history, to come up with a recovery plan tailored to you. Either case, this allows us to have the most effective and efficient rehabilitation plan possible for you.

What does a shoulder evaluation entail?

Your physical therapist will assess your range of motion, strength, posture, functional activities, reflexes, sport specific movements and other factors to understand your body and this specific injury or pain. We will use a combination of strengthening, mobility and stretching, motor programming, education, joint mobilization and soft tissue work, as well as other techniques to return you to the activities you want to do – pain free!

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