Biomechanical Golf Analysis

Golfers of all skill levels invest in the latest equipment, coaching and tech gadgets in hopes of improving their game. While the best equipment and coaching can enhance your performance, you still have to swing the club. Like many sports, golf requires many moving parts, is highly repetitive and the better your body can cope with some of the physical requirements of golf, the better your performance and the less likely you are to sustain injury. Golf can sometimes have serious physical repercussions if you don’t know how to properly move your body during play and often a simple physical weakness or limitation in mobility is causing a breakdown in your swing mechanics.

Do you want to improve your game? Move better? Feel better? Is pain limiting your ability to play the game? Then a biomechanical golf analysis maybe the right step for you.

The biomechanical golf analysis entails a golf-specific physical assessment developed through the Titleist Performance Institute, video analysis of your golf swing and a thorough review of medial and injury history. Our physical therapist is a Certified Level I and Medical Level II TPI Instructor, avid golfer and golf instructor allowing for a unique combination of skills to offer unparalleled insight into the physical limitations affecting the golf swing. Our TPI trained physical therapist can identify any potential areas of concern and guide rehabilitation of any active injury. Using a combination of manual therapy, advanced strengthening and dynamic stabilization drills, she will work with you to achieve any of the following:

  • Decreased painful movement patterns
  • Decreased risk of further injury
  • Mobility to allow efficient swing mechanics
  • Strength to maximize swing potential
  • Stability to improve balance and posture
  • Power to develop explosive swing mechanics
  • Endurance to maintain mechanics and performance over the course of a round and season.

The analysis includes a detailed review of your physical assessment and swing efficiency captured on video, recommendations for improvements as well as a comprehensive program emphasizing golf-specific exercises to address any strength, postural, stability or mobility limitations that may impact your comfort, efficiency or performance. All of these recommendations are tailored specifically to your body to help you “Unlock Your Potential and Reach Your Peak.”

Biomechanical Golf Analysis:

Is perfect for the golfer who is recovering from a musculoskeletal injury and is seeking to improve comfort, reduce injury risk and enhance golf swing efficiency. This service may be covered by your health insurance in accordance to the appropriate physical therapy diagnosis. A physical therapy evaluation is the first step in determining the medical necessity of the golf analysis. Appointments are scheduled in 1-hour increments and usually require 2-3 appointments to allow for completion of the biomechanical assessment and appropriate recommendations. If you are not currently injured or in pain, or do not have medical insurance, please check out our Performance Golf Analysis


Certified Level I and Medical Level II TPI Instructor:

Samantha MacDonald, DPT, TPI


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