Biomechanical Bike Fitting

Are you suffering from pain or discomfort that is affecting your ability to ride? Have you sustained an injury and are trying to return to cycling? Cycling is a highly repetitive activity and can lead to injury if you are not riding efficiently or positioned optimally on your bike. Many cyclists complain of pain in their knees, back, shoulders, neck or feet while cycling or they may experience numbness in the hands, feet or saddle region. These common complaints are not normal and a biomechanical bike fit can assist in alleviating these issues. How you are positioned on the bike can mean the difference between experiencing your full cycling potential or fighting inefficiency or discomfort and risking painful injuries. Let us help you get back to cycling pain free.

Our bike fits are performed by physical therapists who have received extensive training in fitting education and cycling performance, are avid cyclists and understand the demands cycling places on the body. Whether you are a road, track, triathlon, cyclocross or mountain cyclist who is recovering from a musculoskeletal injury, we have the skills to optimize your body to bike relationship for maximal comfort and efficiency.

A physical therapy evaluation is the first step in determining the medical necessity of a bike fit. A biomechanical bike fit may then be a part of your course of physical therapy care in treating a musculoskeletal issue. Please note that a prescription from your doctor is required for this service. If you are not currently injured or in pain, or do not have medical insurance, please check out our Performance Cycling Analysis.

Biomechanical Bike Fitting Specialists:
Phil Armiger, MPT
Kerry Mauri, MSPT, OCS, CMPT
Alison Gillespie, DPT
Emily Adelson, DPT

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