Women’s Health/Pelvic Floor

Do you have chronic hip or SI joint pain that just doesn’t seem to go away no matter what you throw at it? Do ou leak urine when you really don’t want to? Have you had abdominal surgery/traumatic birthing process or other pelvic/abdominal issue?

Incontinence, bladder leakage, sexual dysfunction and pelvic pain are common, but NOT normal. Ever. Physical Therapy can help!

Real Rehab Sports + Physical Therapy offers Women’s Health/Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy to all women with both internal and external evaluation and treatment techniques.

Here’s a quick test of your ability to recruit your pelvic floor and, EVERYONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO THIS…EVERYONE! Have a seat, lean over, support your trunk by placing your forearms on your thighs and keep you back flat. Take a deep breath in. Now, exhale. Do this a few times. Now, take a deep breath in and let your belly expand (think beach ball). Exhale and slowly draw your belly in while thinking about tightening your pelvic floor muscles (no, don’t squeeze your butt). Do this a few times. When you think about tightening your pelvic floor – think about lifting/holding 3 jelly beans with these muscles NOT a 10kg kettle bell.

Having trouble? Or, have no idea where these muscles are or how to feel them? Call to see about a pelvic floor musculoskeletal evaluation with either Catherine or Izette.

Keep your eyes open for future evening classes regarding you and your pelvic floor.


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