Metabolic Efficiency Training Class

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Have you ever experienced that bonking feeling during training or competition or feel like you have to keep shoving in gels and sports drinks to keep moving forward? Ever had that nauseous/cramping/stomach churning/what the heck is going on down there feeling? Ever wonder how you can manage to gain fat or lose muscle mass even when you are training harder and longer? We know just how you feel, which is why we sought out a better way to eat, train, and race.

Learn about the Metabolic efficiency concept created by Bob Seebohar, one of the top sport dietitians in the country and former U.S. Olympic Sports Dietitian, ME was created in response to the need for endurance athletes to reduce gastrointestinal (GI) issues and improve race experience while using simple, sustainable nutritional training techniques. Today, Metabolic Efficiency is quickly becoming adopted as a top training tool and is used not only by endurance athletes, but all types of athletes and not athletes simply concerned with improving health, wellness, or body composition.

This lifestyle approach to nutrition teaches our bodies to use our fat stores as our primary source of fuel and preserve our carb stores, resulting in decreased reliance on supplemental carbohydrate feedings, reduced GI issues, improved body weight and composition, and improved overall health.

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