ACL Injury Prevention

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The weather is changing, the snow is falling and the Winter sports season is upon us and as we know, with the excitement, also comes risk. Get ready for Winter Season and learn how to keep the risk of ACL and other knee injuries low! Check out this article courtesy of the fabulous team of… more

Real Rehab to present at the Frostbite Training Camp Nov 11

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Real Rehab Sports and Physical Therapy will be presenting stretching and strengthening activities for paddlers at the 2017 Frostbite Training Camp for U23 Flatwater Sprint Kayakers and Canoers from the PNW, California and Oklahoma. For more information on this training camp click on this link: U23 Flatwater Kayaker and Canoer Training Camp

Pelvic Floor Foundations – a 2 hour learning opportunity

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Women! Incontinence, bladder leakage, sexual dysfunction and pelvic pain are common, but NOT normal. Ever. But, what is the pelvic floor? Why is it important? How do I use it effectively? Demystify the female pelvic floor to improve body mechanics, continence and sexual activity. Real Rehab Sports and Physical Therapy is once again hosting a… more

Core Catalyst is here again!

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Core Catalyst Class – Functional Strength and Conditioning Join Real Rehab for another round of their successful Core Catalyst Class! This will be the 5th offering of this class and it’s sold out each time. Come get your core power on in our one hour interval style class which focuses on dynamic, functional movements and… more

Optimizing Race Day Nutrition

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‘Tis the season for warmer weather adventure and racing! Many of you have been working over the past several months on improving your energy efficiency with a combination of smart nutrition and training strategies. You’ve been targeting your personalized zones utilizing the Metabolic Profile results determined from testing earlier at Real Rehab to optimize burning… more

The ONE Exercise Everyone should do…DAILY!

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I have been a physical therapist for 19 years. During this time, I have heard of therapists who treated this ‘pelvic floor’ but never realized it’s true importance until 3 years ago when we hired our first physical therapist who specialized in the evaluation and treatment of the pelvic floor. Unfortunately, she moved away. Fortunately,… more

Think the Pre-Run Warm-Up is a waste of time?

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Ok so it takes time, feels tedious and boring, and makes me look silly, but here are “4 Important Reasons to Warm-Up before Running:” Literally, warm-up the body. When muscles and tendons are warmer than their resting temperature, they become more elastic, and are less likely to undergo tearing of fibers. Aging, muscle or movement… more

Yes, YOU are an athlete! Here’s why……

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Our clinical practice and specialty services have a reputation for catering to athletes, especially runners, cyclists, triathletes and mountain sports. We continue to work hard to develop the expertise that earns us that strong reputation, but I’m always surprised, and a little dismayed, when someone says they are hesitant to work with us because they… more

Welcome To Our Blog

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Welcome to Real Rehab’s Physical Therapy blog! Here you can find information submitted by the clinic or individual staff members. Watch for reviews, injury advice, exercise tips, training topics, news on the physical therapy industry, and much more.


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