Get to the Root of Running Pain with a Professional Running Analysis

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The human body is meant to walk and run, says Seattle doctor of physical therapy Alison Gillespie. It’s an essential survival skill from a time when humans tracked prey and migrated incredible distances on foot.   Today, running is a popular sport, drawing 17.1 million runners to road races in 2015, according to Running USA. For both the competitive and “lifestyle” athletes,… more

Seattle Golfers may Improve Game, Avoid Injury with Golf Swing Analysis

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The golf swing is an amazing movement, said Seattle physical therapist Samantha MacDonald. It’s a synergistic movement that relies on coordination throughout the entire body to produce the effort necessary to soundly and powerfully strike a ball 1.68 inches in diameter.  “It’s producing significant force from the heels and toes on the ground and transmitting it through the core of your… more


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  A special class for Real Rehab Clients and the Community Females* Age 13 and up! August 14, 2018 6:30pm-8:30pm Relationship and sexual violence are public health epidemics that have largely been ignored. Anyone can be at risk! Knowledge Is Power. Join us for an Empowerment Self-Defense class, presented by The WAVE Foundation. Participants will… more

Warming up the Body: Static vs Dynamic Stretching

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Simple Strategies to Becoming an Injury Free Athlete As we clear off the winter cobwebs and begin to ramp up into the spring training season, we often forget about the little things that help to keep us injury free. Most of us simply want to strap on our running shoes or climb on our bikes… more

From the Legs Up: A Stronger Core Improves Cycling Performance

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In the act of cycling, legs are often the focus of performance analysis. However, a strong core contributes significantly to cycling comfort and injury prevention, said Seattle physical therapist Izette Swan, DPT. “Everything works from the core,” said Swan, owner of Real Rehab Sports + Physical Therapy in Seattle. “Our core is the combination of… more

Fit Your Bike to Your Body for Pain-Free Cycling

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Unless it is related to lung capacity or muscle fatigue, pain while cycling or biking is not normal, says Izette Swan, co-founder and owner of Real Rehab Sports + Physical Therapy in Seattle. So, when cyclists complain of lower back or knee pain, or numbness or tingling in their hands, feet or butt, the culprit… more

Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

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What is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy? You, your physical therapist and/or doctor have come to the conclusion that your pelvic floor may need physical therapy. What does this mean? Your pelvic floor is comprised of muscles that form the foundation of your pelvis. It is a part of your deep core musculature and plays an… more

ACL Injury Prevention

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The weather is changing, the snow is falling and the Winter sports season is upon us and as we know, with the excitement, also comes risk. Get ready for Winter Season and learn how to keep the risk of ACL and other knee injuries low! Check out this article courtesy of the fabulous team of… more

Real Rehab to present at the Frostbite Training Camp Nov 11

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Real Rehab Sports and Physical Therapy will be presenting stretching and strengthening activities for paddlers at the 2017 Frostbite Training Camp for U23 Flatwater Sprint Kayakers and Canoers from the PNW, California and Oklahoma. For more information on this training camp click on this link: U23 Flatwater Kayaker and Canoer Training Camp

Pelvic Floor Foundations – a 2 hour learning opportunity

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Women! Incontinence, bladder leakage, sexual dysfunction and pelvic pain are common, but NOT normal. Ever. But, what is the pelvic floor? Why is it important? How do I use it effectively? Demystify the female pelvic floor to improve body mechanics, continence and sexual activity. Real Rehab Sports and Physical Therapy is once again hosting a… more


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