“Hands down one of the best Physical Therapy clinics. Over the course of 25yrs, I have ended up in PT numerous times. I went to Real Rehab to treat Tennis Elbow, but Alison looks for the root cause instead of merely treating the symptoms. It turns out my complete lack of shoulder mobility was a contributing factor, if not the main factor, of causing my Tennis Elbow. She worked on treating both my Tennis Elbow and shoulder mobility. I no longer have any Tennis Elbow and my shoulder mobility is steadily improving. She also recommended I work with another PT, Michelle, to correct my form on CrossFit-specific movements that were exacerbating my symptoms in order to prevent future injury and reduce the then-current symptoms. Real Rehab works as a team, listens to what your goals are, they don’t have unrealistic expectations for athletes and will help come up with alternatives with what you can do while injured, and they identify root causes. I haven’t had any issues with billing. Their staff is friendly. My one recommendation is to schedule early. Hey, when they’re that good, word gets out and their schedules fill up. They do have great hours though, especially if you work a typical 9-5, you can usually get in after work.”

Amber M. 9/16/2014 as Reviewed on Yelp!

“Wonderful staff and very successful treatments.”

– Christin O’Malley

“You guys are terrific – thanks so much!”

– Marti Bartlett

“Thank you Alison and Cari for all your help and encouragement on my recovery for my Patellar Tendon Tear surgery. My surgery required a full exposure of my right knee, cut and reattachment of the tendon through holes drilled in the knee cap. According to my surgeon, Dr. Fuchs at Proliance Surgeons, this is a more difficult surgery to recover from than ACL. I had surgery on October 7th that required immobility of knee for 2 weeks in a locked brace, then gradual progression of increasing range of motion of knee brace over 12 weeks. Alison and Cari did a great job of pushing me just enough to encourage the knee to heal, but not too much to cause harm to the surgery. I am happy to say at 20 weeks I started training 30 minutes a day either swimming, biking or running for an Olympic Triathlon I am going to participate in this summer. The knee is doing great and getting stronger every day! Thanks again Real Rehab!”

Matt N. 3/18/2015 as Reviewed on Yelp!

“Thank you for everything that you did to get me going again. I will tell everyone I know about the great work you do here.”

– Jeff Byrd

“This was a great experience. I would highly recommend you. Thanks so much!”

-Linda Griffin

“This place is the best! Thank you for all your help!”
– Jude K.

“Thank you so much for everything! Real Rehab is clearly superior and such a help.”

– Tim P.

“You’re the best. Thanks for the great attitude and best therapy I experienced.”

Judy Cooper

“My PT was awesome! I now have the tools necessary to lead a very active, injury free life!!”

– Stacey McCandlish

“It really helped. I could see my knees getting stronger each week. I will suggest this place to everyone on my basketball team. Thanks!”

Jonathan Gatherers

“Spectacular. I’m been coming in for about a month and a half to thaw a frozen shoulder, and Alison has been fantastic — a smart problem-solver, upbeat, motivating, and patient. I am extremely pleased. Kudos to the front desk/business team, too, who solved a minor billing problem with good humor and a pleasant attitude. For what should be obvious reasons I hope it’s a very long time before I require Real Rehab’s services again, but I recommend them without hesitation.”

Angela G. 8/31/2014 as Reviewed on Yelp!

“My post-surgery recovery goals for cycling and running were exceeded by several weeks thanks to the treatment plan.”

Debbie Feinman

“You have an excellent staff, very knowledgeable, very helpful. You helped me rehabilitate and get me “back on the road” again. I would highly recommend your facility.”


“Great to have a physical therapy team understand the goals and desires of outdoor athletes!! Everyone at Real Rehab was great to work with!”

– Paul McCollum

“Real Rehab is fantastic across many spectrums of physical therapy, metabolic testing, biomechanics testing, EMG collection, injury prevention and strengthening.

I am the head coach of the Brooks Beasts Track Club. We currently have World medalists, US Champions, US Record Holders (both male and female) on the team and I send my athletes to Real Rehab for their needs. They are one of the best clinics we have worked with in the US, so I am thankful they are down the street from us and we can access them quickly”.

Danny M. 12/21/2015 as Reviewed on Yelp!

“Receiving care from capable, competitive athletes is very refreshing. Diagnosis, treatment and follow up were top notch. I’m inspired to improve and get back in the game!”

“These folks know what they’re doing.  I’m so grateful to have found them. I’ve seen Thi and Tara. Both are extremely knowledgable, observant of all the little details to and able to create a plan to get their clients on their way towards their goals.  They know how to teach clients well.

RealRehab offers classes as well. I look forward to the Core class.

I came with IT band issues after seeing other PTs, doctors and health practitioners. I am improving and feeling better every week.”

– CE M 3/21/2015 as Reviewed on Yelp!

“As a professional runner for the last 9 years I have been fortunate to get to travel the world and work with some of the best PT and massage therapists in the world. Through training, competing, and injuries I have realized how difficult it can be to find someone I can trust when it’s my career and livelihood that’s on the line. Over the past 2 years I have been fortunate to have the support of Bruk and the rest of the team at Real Rehab. I have encountered few that have matched their knowledge or expertise and even fewer that match their passion and desire to work with me and help me perform at my best. I can’t say how much I have and continue to appreciate their support.”

Mark Wieczorek, 800m 1:45.36 PB, 15 time US National Championship Competitor, 2x US National Team Qualifier


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