We Can Tune Both Your Body And Your Bike

We're passionate about cycling and we love sharing that passion with our clients. Our goal though R2 Bicycles is to provide exceptional service and expertise in helping you achieve your cycling goals.

R2 Bicycles grew out of our desire to create a stronger relationship between a cyclist's body and their bicycle. The better the connection between the two-the more they work seamlessly, together. We focus on harmonizing the relationship between rider and machine, using decades of experience to bring out the optimum connection between physics, artistry, and the thrill of riding.

Your Body

Every cyclist is different. We strive to help you define and reach your own individual aspirations and abilities.

Your Bike

It's known that we can provide you with an excellent bike fit. But our shop also services and sells a variety of bicycles, parts and accessories. Additionally, we are qualified to install components and make adjustments to ensure you leave with a fine-tuned machine.

Who We Are

Jayson Watson manages R2 Bicycles, provides all mechanic services/sales, and makes sure the bicycle services side of the house runs smoothly.

Real Rehab provides the highest quality physical therapy based bicycle fits to our clients with 100% of care delivered by a licensed physical therapist, and one hour treatments for every visit.


We sell, install and service a wide variety of bicycles, parts and accessories. Explore the shop


We offer a variety of high end services for Seattle's performance cyclists. See our services

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The staff at R2 Bicycles is truly outstanding!  They have great knowledge and expertise.  My bike was better than ever after the awesome tune-up I received from them……5 stars and I will use them again for sure!!

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